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Why I Choose to be GMO Free

I support GMO labelingby Connie Cromien McAdam

It's coming up a year since I made the big switch to an organic household and I'm more than pleased with the difference that it's made in our lives. Not only do I feel better about every bite I eat, but I feel better about the food I feed my children.

I would say that 90% of the products in my kitchen are organic and non-GMO. I do my best, and we try to avoid conventionally grown foods as much as possible, but we still have the concern of the cost and realistic affordability of organic products.

I have never been a big ‘go to the mall’ consumer, so spending less money on pointless products and more on quality food isn’t a stretch for me. I do have two kids, however, who make that balance a little trickier as I try to show and teach them more meaningful ways to live their lives and what the difference between a need and a want is.

Long Term Testing Should be Mandatory

Gardening organically with greenhouses

For me, the toughest thing to swallow about GMO foods is that there are no adequate long term studies on the effects of the stuff on our human health. No testing results past 90 days are available and the makers of the GMO seeds will not allow private testing to be performed on their patented seeds.

Research that has been suppressed includes assessments of health and environmental safety and agronomic performance of GM crops. Permission to study GM crops is withheld or made so difficult to obtain that research is effectively blocked.

I’m not about to let my family be a part of the global guinea pig test to see if these 'Franken-foods' are safe. All of the research I’ve done personally points to no good coming from interfering with the genes of an organism which has taken thousands of years to develop.

Claimed GMO Benefits Have Backfired

No genetically modified organismsGMO’s have been lauded as the solution to world hunger, farm labour issues and higher yields. But independent studies either contradict these claims or show them to be inflated.

GM crop technology is already failing under the onslaught of developments such as the spread of herbicide-resistant 'superweeds' and pests resistant to the toxin engineered into the crops.

These failures mean increasing costs to farmers and harm to the environment. Costs of input products have skyrocketed and the need to use more and more chemicals in conjunction with the GMO seeds has increased as organisms become resistant to them and begin to thrive in the ‘mono-culture’ farm environment.

We Need Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Through my own journey to help my family evolve into a non-GMO household, I have become an advocate of local, sustainable agriculture production, specifically where the producer can be met with, face-to-face to discuss farming practices.Organic and sustainable solar powered greenhouse growing I've also become the local organizer of the world-wide March Against Monsanto, as well as a safe food activist.

This upcoming spring, I plan on installing a solar powered and web enabled Photon Modular Greenhouse in my backyard to help with both food costs and food sourcing in all seasons. In order to better help me pinpoint where my efforts will be best focused, I have enrolled in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Regina, SK.

I believe that no matter how busy we are as individuals, parents, employees, business owners etc., we owe it to ourselves as well as our future generations to eat in a way that supports responsible and sustainable food production.

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