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Crowdfunding Campaign for GMO Education

Laboratory Lunch: Moms Say No to GMOs is an awesome crowd funding campaign to help educate people on the dangers of GMOs and the benefits of gardening and growing organically:

Crowd Funding Campaign re Dangers of GMO


Companies and Products to Avoid

Food Companies Fighting GMO Labeling: This is a comprehensive list of all the companies who are opposed to GMO labeling and how much money they spent to defeat initiatives. There's also a list of good companies at the bottom who support GMO labeling initiatives:

Companies and Products to Avoid and Boycott


Just How Powerful is the Sun?

Make your own Solar Death Ray: See just powerful the sun is here on earth when harnessed into a Solar Death Ray!

The Harnessed Power of 5000 Suns!


Finding Peace in Greenhouse Gardening

Find the Zen: There is nothing more peaceful then taking time out in your own organic greenhouse garden. It can be used in all seasons to grow organic produce.

Peaceful Greenhouse Garden


Institute for Responsible Technology

Anti-GMO Champion, Jeffery Smith: The most comprehensive source of GMO health risk information on the web.

Institute for Responsible Technology


Failure to Yield

Increased Yield? Evaluating the performance of GMO crops

Evaluating the Performance of GMO Crops


Superweeds: A Frightening Reality

What Happens When Weed Killers Stop Killing? Science Magazine exposes the frightening reality of “superweeds”.

The Frightening Reality of Superweeds


Eating Agent Orange?

Center for Food Safety Vowing to lead food movement in oppositions.

Agent Orange Crops to withstand application of 2,4-D

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