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Design Build Modular Greenhouse: Part 6: Framing the Structure for Bubble Wrap vs Glass Walls

Greenhouse Construction: The Islander: Framing the Structure for Bubble Wrap vs Glass Walls greenhouse-construction-part-6-framing-bubble-wrap-vs-glass

Sensing for Gardens & Greenhouses

GrowerNode™ Greenhouse Construction: 8x12 'The Islander'

GrowerNode™ is our garden and greenhouse sensing and environmental control system. It’s web browser based for control and sensing of field operation, garden and greenhouses. We are using The 'Islander' as our greenhouse design and perfect to use as a demonstration project.

In Part 5, we showed details of the main girder construction and floor modules, Part 6 will cover the details of the framing for the transparent walls made with bubble-wrap.

using bubble wrap pseudo glass walls and insulation, framing has started

We rushed to build the rain tent when the weather suddenly turned, so the pictures are a little more difficult to take. The whole structure is made out of spruce, which deforms and twists if it gets wet, so it is important to protect it from rain before it gets a coat of sealant, whether stain or paint. Safely protected by our impromptu tent structure, the framing has begun with fervor.

We used spruce for this unit because it’s lightweight, and we got a good price on timber that had been destroyed by the pine beetle infestation, so it has an eco-friendly aspect to it. The trees would just become detritus if they were left in the forest, and the bluish stain left by the infestation actually adds some charm to the look of the wood. Our actual production units will probably be made with fir because of its superior strength and ability to withstand moisture.

Another important aspect of this method of construction that you really can't see in these pictures is the modular system that we have made. The floor, walls and roof are all made with easy to handle modules that can be readily put together with screws or nails. We prefer screws as they are stronger and can be taken apart easily if you want to change something (there isn't actually a single nail in this entire project).

the building is now level and will be set at an angle for proper drainage

Before we started on the framing, we did one final check on the floor alignment and it all looks great. When the project is finished, we will use the beam level adjusters to put a slight slope on the greenhouse to aid in drainage for spills and floor washing, etc. Then we'll put blocks on the top of the piers to lock it in place for good.

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